Taranis X9D+ or Taranis Q X7 - which is better to buy?

Frsky have recently released a new entry level radio called the Taranis Q X7 which you can think of as a simplified version of the Taranis X9D+. Other than the lower price of the Q X7, what are the real differences between the two? And why should you get the

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The QX7 is definitely the sweet spot for features versus cost. I picked up an X9D last summer when I was first getting into 250 sized racing quads. If the QX7 had been available then I would have picked it up instead. I’m trying to get a few friends into racing quads this summer so I picked up a QX7 about a month ago and have been really impressed with it especially at half the cost of the X9D it’s a really great transmitter.

I’m debating this myself, and really can’t make up my mind.

I’m about to get started with FPV, and don’t want to regret my decision - something which happens often when I don’t research. Yet, this time round, the more I research, the more I get confused.

Some people recommend the X9D+ … whilst others say the QX7 is more than enough, and I’m just left here wondering what the heck I should buy …

Stumped. Can anyone who has either pipe in please?

Having used both I would recommend the Qx7. It feels like a better radio (even though it is cheaper), and has 100% functionality with 99% of the features. To be honest not even experts in fpv notice the missing features as they are extremely specific. Hope that helps you work out your answer

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Fantastic @unmannedtech - thanks for that, that’s finally resolved my dilemma!

I have just purchased the taranis q x7 and i love it. I’ve never owned the x9d but the qx7 has more functions then I know what to do with. Coming from dx6i and have had nothing but problems.


Yeah that’s the best part of frsky radios… and you can even script custom functions with Lia if you want to go deep into the rabbit hole :rabbit2:

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Awesome guys, thanks for your feedback, so that’s my first headache sorted :slight_smile: There’s another one coming though!

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Happy to help… and yeah probably not the last… but that’s why we are all here to help each other out :slight_smile:

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