Frsky Taranis 🌩️ Q X7 VS Q X7S Compared 🎮 - Which one should you buy?

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With the recent release of the Taranis Q X7S, you now have even more choice when it comes to buying a Frsky radio controller. This is a quick article to highlight the differences between the QX7 and the QX7S to help you made up your mind on which one to get. We all know the QX7 is a great radio,…

Thanks for this article, I read it some time ago (you just updated it recently right?). In any case it helped me decide what to buy.
I’m a noob to this hobby and I can say that the QX7S was definitely the right choice for me. I’m SO thankful for the case and charger and gimbal protectors. I’ve travelled with it confidently and having it all in one place is exactly what I needed.
I have no idea if the hall effects are better than anything else because I haven’t tried anything else (except my DJI stuff). But they work beautifully and I don’t feel restricted in any way. You know in that way when you get a crappy game controller and tiny little adjustments don’t seem to respond… Yeah I don’t get that.
However, those massive sticks have taken a bit of getting used to :slight_smile:

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Thanks for taking your reply and I am happy to hear that I was able to help you out… its why we write articles :slight_smile:

And yeah I generally agree with you about the gimbals. I honestly think the reason why people who say hall gimbals feel better is most likely due to the overall quality of the entire gimbal mechanism… as when a manufacturer is forking out to pay for fancy hall sensors, the rest of the gimbal will also be top quality. This will make give the FPV pilot a much better “feel”. I know hall sensors are technically more sensitive than pots, but given the resolution of a R/C signal I wonder if it does actually make a difference… I have never done any testing or looked it up so I have no idea TBH. Then again maybe if you think something is better thats good enough?

Ultimately another major advantage of hall gimbals is that there performance does not degrade over time like potentiometers do.