Fr-Sky Taranis X9D+ Quickstart Guide

If you have recently purchased, or are looking to purchase the Taranis X9D+ (what is in many peoples opinion the best R/C Radio :video_game: ) this guide might be of use. Just like with any R/C Radio system, the more features it has, the more complex it might be to setup and use. The Taranis X9D still requires abit of setup when you first receive it depending on you are going to control, be it your drone, quadcopter, FPV aircraft, or just a regular RC plane. This page gives provides some usefull links and videos to help you quickly understand how to get the most out of your Taranis X9D R/C Radio.

Below are two very helpful manuals if you prefer to read, otherwise watch below for a bunch of videos.

FR-Sky OpenTX Quickstart Guide for Taranis
This quick-start guide (although 41 pages long) from Scott at Aloft Hobbies has some great information with usefull diagrams etc…

OpenTX for FrSky Taranis Manual
This is another great user written manual that goes over everything you will need to know about your Taranis, you can video the google document here - OpenTX for FrSky Taranis Manual

Updating or Changing firmware

If you need to upgrade, or change the firmware on your Taranis then have a look at our guide on how to upgrade Taranis firmware.

Battery options for your Taranis

The Taranis radios we sell include a rechargable NiCd battery that is suitable for use, but as time goes on you might want to upgrade to a better battery, to find out what options you have check out our Taranis X9D battery guide here.

X9D Video Series - All you need to know

Mark Harrison has created a great video series giving a great introduction to the Taranis X9D and open TX (the open source firmware that runs on the Frsky Taranis X9D Radio)

Welcome to Taranis, Part 1: Out of the Box

In this video you will see how to connect your battery, and go over some of the initial calibration setup.

How to Bind your Taranis and X8R (X series receivers)

This video shows you how to bind your X9D Taranis to your X8R, or X6R Receiver. If you are going to use your Taranis with pixhawk, you might want to look at our Taranis binding guide here.

How to bind your Taranis to D4R (D series receivers)

This video shows you how you can bind your X9D Taranis radio to the D4R receiver, as you will see, the binding process is very similar.

How to setup Mixing on the Taranis

This is a very important menu that goes over how you setup mixing on your Taranis, so you can set what channels do what. It might be a good idea to watch this video a few times, and play around with the settings yourself as once you understand this, it will make setting up other functions much easier. As for the exacrt mixing settings for your vehicle this will be different. For example if you are using a Pixhawk based plane, the autopilot will take care of most of the mixing, so you mainly need to setup the 4 main channels, Rudder, Aileron, Elevator, and Throttle with no mixing between them.

Setting up Dual Rates and Expo

This video shows you how you can go about setting up the Dual Rates and Expo on your Taranis. These functions are useful for stunt flying, as it allows you to essentially adjust the sensitivity of the sticks on our radio. Commonly this is done where you want full range of motion, but the central region is less sensitive.

Setting up Taranis for a 4 channel plane.

This video walks you through the entire setup process to configure the radio for a simple 4 channel fixed wing plane with an extra channel for landing gear. If you are setting up a quadcopter you will follow this setup, where your extra channel 5 will be used for flight modes. This might sound abit weird that you use plane settings for a quadcopter, but the reason for this is because your onboard autopilot takes care of all the mixing.

Taranis X9D and Evelon Mixing

This video shows you how to setup evlevon mixing, which is used for flying wings. Elevon just stands for elevator and aileron but on flying wings there two control surfaces are merged into one, so they function as both elevators to control aircraft pitch and ailerons to control the aircraft’s roll.

Setting up Telemetry on the FR-Sky Taranis - Basics

This video shows you how to setup some basic telemetry functions on your R/C Radio

Setting up Audio Telemetry Warnings

This video goes over some more advanced telemetry functions, in specific this video shows you how to setup an audio warning when your aircraft battery voltage gets low so you have time to return home and land.

Taranis Basic Speech Settings

One of the cool features of Taranis is the speech function, which allows you to play audio files on certain events. This video shows you how to setup audio gear up and gear down messages when you flight the gear switch. Similarly you can use this on your flight modes button to let the taranis tell you what autopilot flight mode you are in.

Thats it for this guide, if you have any usefull videos or links on the taranis X9D radio please let me know!

Happy Flying! :helicopter: :airplane: