Feiyu Tech 3-Axis Gimbal on IRIS+ using Taranis Plus Tx

I’ve got an IRIS+ on to which I’ve added a FY-G3 gimbal, a 200Mw FPV Tx and I’m using a HeadPlay Goggles to watch the output.(all supplied by Unmannedtech). The basic set-up works well with good FPV Video quality via the HeadPlay, and crisp video recorded on the GoPro.
I’ve recently upgraded to a Taranis Plus (great Tx) and configured the basic Flight modes & switches, What I can’t get to work, is the Gimbal, despite following various instructions on the Internet.

I know you’ve experimented with a similar set-up and wondered if you could offer any advice?


Hey, and firstly thanks for ordering stuff from us, I really appreciate it :smile: :thumbsup:

Now onto the gimbal issue. Did you get the G3 working fine with the previous IRIS+ flysky transmitter? I am just asking so I know if your problem is just the Taranis setup, or to do with the IRIS gimbal connecting/configuration.

Thanks for your reply.

I never got the set-up working on the original IRIS+ “controller”\Tx.

My Tx\PC set-up is as follows:

  • I’m using Companion Tx 2.x (couldn’t get Companion 9x to work)
  • I’ve “cross-graded” the Transmitter Firmware to the latest FRSky non-EU version because the EU TX Firmware won’t work with the D4R-II.
  • I programmed my TX by loading the “Dennis.eepe” from IRIS Facebook page.
    I’ve attached the file (Dennis.zip) , which I don’t really understand…

This TX configuration provides all the basic stuff and I’ve successfully flown the IRIS in the back garden in this configuration, but without any gimbal control.
I intend to modify it to configure a “Land” command, which isn’t currently working, but that will have to wait until I’ve got to grips with the Taranis Plus.

I’ve connected the FY-G3 as follows: Based on this YouTube video
White (PITCH) to Pixhawk RC9 [connection 1 end of PH]
Brown (YAW) to Pixhawk RC10 [connection 2 end of PH] - this also has a Black wire connected to -ve
Yellow (MODE) to Pixhawk RC 11 [connection 3 on end of PH]

So Its a Taranis plus programming problem - well my incompetence at Taranis programming is the problem :blush: .
I’m working on getting to grips with this and any pointers you can offer as to how to set-up the Gimbal will be much appreciated.

Dennis.zip (6.6 KB)


I have posted a collection of helpful videos to get started with using the Taranis Radio, but its more of a general use case, rather than being specific to Pixhawk.

But my only suggestion would be to play around with the settings and before trying anything on pixhawk just make sure you have 3 channels working (2 of them via one o the sliders/ rotary knobs to control pitch and yaw) and then one 3 pos switch for the modes via the mixer screen. So you will used CH1-4 for roll, pitch, yaw, throttle, CH5 will be for flight modes and then CH6-8 will be for gimbal control. Once you have verified they are working via the monitor screen on the taranis you can then proceed to set it up via mission planner.

Or here is a pixhawk specific video which might help you get familar with how the mixer setting work on your Taranis.

Although I personally only ever use manual pitch control and set yaw to follow mode, and dont manually change modes on the gimbal while its in the air. Reason for no manual gimbal yaw control is that quadcopers can fly in any direction so I control yaw by the IRIS itself, and then the gimbal just smooths out the yaw motion. But I guess its always nicer to have all the options available.

I use the defualt flysky radio with my IRIS so I cant realy help you there.