Which iris+ package should i get?

My name is Vasilis Mitropoulos, and im interesting about getting the iris+ drone… I’m going to use it for video shootings with a gopro4. What i want from you is to help me with what package should i buy, ex.

  1. Iris+
  2. fpv monitor with 2antennas or 3? (2for monitor and 1 for the transmitter) Is there any interference between the signals and what can i do?
  3. Do i need gps device (like 3DR uBlox GPS with Compass Kit) extra? or is everything i need onboard iris+?
  4. Gimbal 3 axis
  5. Do i need something extra?
    I make all these questions cause im gonna flight into manual and auto modes with mission planner and i want to be as possible sure as i can for the datas (altitude, exact position, battery etc.) and of course for the safety of both drone and camera.
    Sorry for the long text.
    Thanks for your time.

Hi and welcome to the forums :smile:

1 and 3 - The IRIS+ is a great option for this as it includes everything you need for a fully functional drone. It comes with the pixhawk autpilot, and GPS and also the telemtry kit (for wireless mission planning and monitoring). The only thing you need to add is a gimbal for your gopro.

2 - I suggest you order the Live View kit for the IRIS (will be added to our site soon) This includes an FPV monitor, and transmitter to send the real time video from your gopro back to the ground. This Live view kit includes all the parts you need to add it to your IRIS+, including the antennas.

4 - If you are looking for a 3 Axis gimbal for your IRIS+ then I suggest you consider teh FY-G3 gopro gimbal along with this IRIS+ adapter. This is more of a DIY addon to your IRIS+ but we will soon have a cable kit so you dont need to make/use any special cables to connect this. However the offical gimbal for the IRIS+ is the T-2D gimbal which works great, but its only a 2 axis gimbal.

Thanks for your answers… So I’m awaiting you to add the Live view kit… And after I think I’m gonna make the purchase.
Last question… If I buy the all package… Do you give and the after sale services? I mean further technical help including hardware support but also technical support such as being in contact with you through mail for anything issue will come up?

Thanks one more time.

Yes we do offer after sale service for all the products we sell including technical support. If there ever is something we cant fix here :wrench: we will send it back to the factory :factory: on your behalf so you don’t need to deal with any of that.