How to add FPV to my arducopter Iris+


Hi, I just bought the Iris and probably will have a couple of things to add to the package.

Is the live video link with GoPro available out of the box?
If not what should I add to the order? I mean if I would want to do FPV flights what should I buy as an addon to the Iris?

And is it possible to do FPV with GoPro or there’s a need for third party camera (for example Ultra WDR 690TVL Mini CCTV Camera Pixim SEAWOLF).

Thanks in advance!


Update - You can now easily add a full FPV setup to your IRIS+ quadcopter thanks to the liveview FPV kit. You can find out more here:

The Iris does not come with any FPV stuff, but its definitely possible to add.

I attached a picture below of a gopro FPV setup… I got carried away with some of the editing effects but hope you get the idea :wink:

FPV using Gopro Hero 3

I’m figuring out the same setup - have the go pro, fpv transmitter - found the cable…

Trying to figure where to mount it on the iris - I followed a few threads that said that it might interfere with the other two transmitters - have you experimented yet?


Well, if you are patient we have some new mini GoPro FPV transmitters arriving in a week or two that will be ideal to use with the Iris and a gopro.

Below is a sample pic :video_camera: , the total weight is about 10g

Update - they can be found here


I realised I did not really answer your question about interference. Since telemetry is on 433mhz, RC control is on 2.4Ghz, and Video TX is on 5.8ghz, interference is not as much of an issue, but its still worth taking a bit of extra care not to mount everything on top of each other. Things like mounting your camera or TX very close to your Pixhawk could cause some problems so I suggest that you mount everything as far apart as possible. I mounted the FPV gear underneath my IRIS just because its easier but there should be enough room to mount the TX inside the shell right on the opposite side to the telemetry module.

Here are a few pics how other IRIS pilots have mounted their FPV gear.

FPV TX mounted on bottom of IRIS

FPV TX mounted next to telemetry module

Dedicated FPV camera/TX mount

If you dont want to use a gorpo for FPV this is a great option, design files are on thingiverse

One thing to bear in mind, is that sometimes if you mount your camera and TX very close together you can run into some interference on your video signal at long ranges.

Adding an extra FPV mounting plate

Here an old motor mounting plate is used to attach to the rear IRIS shell screws


The photos are terrific, thank you! I’ve also got the go pro 2d gimbal underneath so I’ll figure out something…

And very cool, about your transmitter - I’ll keep a look out for it - it wasn’t that easy to figure out the right cable for the go pro - i.e. that it’s a special 10 pin usb connection…


unmannedtech, do you have a timeframe on your new mini GoPro FPV transmitter…?
And do you have a complete FPV kit for an IRIS with Tarot Gimbal / GoPro…?


The mini FPV transmitter will be ready to buy by the end of the week. We will also sell a complete FPV kit for the IRIS once they arrive but ours will most likely use the FY-G3 gimbal instead of the tarot one as we feel its much better and easier to use.


Thanks much for your reply. I’d be interested in your FPV kit (still hunting for one that comes with customer service), but for now, i’m glued to my $200 Tarot.


@SteveL Just to let you know that the Mini FPV TX has just been added to the website!