Iris camera mount


So pleased, got my new Iris today. I would like to fit my Canon s100 so got this as an experiment:-

Does any one know what plans 3dr have for additional camera mounts /l anding gear.

Using your IRIS+ for mapping - ways to mount your camera

Happy to hear you are pleased with your iris :wink:

Yes there are plans for a brushless gimbal for the Iris, but as for dates I am not too sure.

But the other option is to put on some extended landing gear and have a gimbal mounted underneath the iris. I think there will be some extended landing gear for the Iris, but if not we might make some to start selling if there is enough demand, but I feel that due to the size of motors on the Iris carrying anything more than a gopro size camera will not give you great flight times!


Cool, I’d be your first customer if you were to produce some extended landing gear. I’m hoping the iris will handle the s100. Its a great little camera and weighs in at 198g. Time will tell.


Well, I fitted the adapter today, just need some decent weather for testing.


Thanks for sharing the pics :camera:! Looks good :smile:

It should work fine with the camera tilted down, but just take some care on your first flight as I am not sure how far that camera will shift the COG forward.

Here is a frame from a video I grabbed from a flight I did over the weekend with the Iris and the GoPro3 looking down.

It was pretty windy but kept the position very well. :helicopter:


Just as an update to this, have been working on some makeshift legs and mount for the FY G3 brushless gimbal… Have a look below. Will post more details and a video soon…

@Jim, if you would like a set of legs please let me know.


Cool, I would like a set please. Could you send a PayPal invoice?


@Jim I have added the legs to the website, if you order 2 pairs, and PM me your order number I will add 4 of the plastic adapters to your order for free. You will just need some M3 screws and nuts to secure them.

You can buy the legs here -

Also Towards the end of December there will be plastic legs released along with the consumer version of the Iris.


Just posted a video with some more information about the legs/gimbal mount for the FY-G3 brushless gimbal if anyone is interested, see it below


I’m interested in purchasing a set of legs, but why would I have to buy 2 pair? Wouldn’t you sell them as a set of 4?


Sure, if you want the plastic mounts, just PM me your order number (or reply to your order confirmation email) and I will get some put into your order.

We sell them in pairs as if you want to use these with the arducopter Hexa frame you will need 3 pairs. For the arducopter quad, you will need 4 pairs. But for the Iris you only need 2 pairs (4 arms only).


Ok, I’m interested in buying. What would be the cheapest recommendation you can make on shipping to California in the U.S.?


Cool :slight_smile: I think airmail will be the best, should take about 4/7 days to get to you. But if you want it urgently you could use an express method (2/3) days. Shipping options and cost is visible on the shopping cart page


Just made an order for the legs, but not sure how to PM you to???


Thanks for the order! To PM, you just need to click on my icon and you will see the private message option on the next page, but its not needed as I will get the plastic leg adaptors to your order :slight_smile:


Mapping camera mount MK 2 and the joys of having a new 3D printer :smile:


Looks cool :thumbsup:

Did you design the legs yourself or using the ones from thingiverse.


Yes, that’s the file. A bit wobbly in PLA but there’re not bad. ABS keeps curling.


Since you have a 3D printer now, if one breaks, you can just make another one for your Iris :smiley:

The injection moulded legs should be ready in a couple weeks.


Where can I find a camera mount like the one shown on the “Iris camera mount” post?