Iris with FY-G3 brushless gimbal

I have been doing some work on making a mount for the FY-G3 brushless gimbal to fit onto the Iris Quadcopter The great thing about the quadcopter and the gimbal is that they work right out of the box!

First off the video from the first flight.

I had to do some slight modifications to get it to work such as adding longer legs hack, and also make a mount for the gimbal to fit onto the Iris.

Longer Landing legs

The Iris comes with the standard short legs, and a gopro mount to fit a camera just in front of it, but since I wanted to keep the COG closer to the middle I wanted to mount the FY-G3 brushless gimbal underneath the Iris. So I needed to make some longer landing legs so that I could land and takeoff easily. (There should be some plastic longer legs released soon)

A simple dovetail joint was 3D printed with mounting holes for these arducopter legs.

Brushless Gimbal Mount

The FY G3 gimbal comes with boom mounts by default, and I wanted to look for a non invasive way to mount the gimbal to the Iris quacopter. So I 3D printed a simple mount that attaches to the gopro mount of the Iris, and then clips onto the air vents on the back.

Next up to to perhaps clean up the wiring between the battery and the gimbal, but for testing I just used a spare cable that I had which was abit long as you can see below.

If you have any questions, please let me know.

So does the gimbal run on a separate battery from the one that powers the IRIS?

Would be interested in purchasing the gimbal mounts you printed. Are they for sale?

You could do that if you wanted to (just need to make a cable that will connect to the balance lead of the Iris battery) but for me I just found it easier to use power the gimbal with its own 500mah 3S battery. I will also use this 500mah battery to power FPV gear when I get around to installing that.

If you want some, please order the long arducopter legs and PM me your order number and I will add some for free. But if you want just the mounts then please PM me with your details!

Thanks. I ordered some legs earlier. I appreciate you throwing in the leg mounts and gimbal mounts also!! Tried to pm you, but just know that I’m the order from walnut creek California.

Here are is an example of what the new long Iris legs will look like. Should have them ready early to middle of Jan! :calendar:

And if anyone would like do make an adaptor for thier own camera below are some dimensions of the FY-G3 gimbal adaptor I made that you can use for your reference.

Hey unmanned tech,

We’ve done business before. I ordered some extension legs and you also included these gimbal mounts. Do you think you can send me another set of these (not the leg mounts, the actual gimbal mounts that you 3D print). THANK YOU!

Sure thing, please send an email to support and I can sort something out. I only have mounts for the first FY G3 gimbal, the new one we sell is slightly different as it can now fit onto the dji phantom. Just waiting for the consumer iris kits to arrive to make the new mounts.

can you offer other 2d gimbal instead of tarot 2d (for Iris+)? no would problem if cheaper and lighter than the tarot. (my tarot totally broken no chance to repair)

We currently sell the FY Mini 3D pro gimbal which is 3 axis, but its very affordable since many other 2 axis gimbals cost the same as the FY mini 3D.

We also sell a FY Mini 3D IRIS mount so it can fit underneath easily.

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It is great Alex! I collect some money and I will order altough the iris+ long legs little bit interfere the clear view. no worries I plan Iris+ parts move to an other frame with retractable legs in the future.
(near future I fixed my gopro with perpendicular suspension to ground view without resonance.)

ooops! I bought FY MINI3D IRIS+ MOUNT from you. It will be good mount the gopro in fixed position and also good for 3d gimbal in the future.:slight_smile: