3dr Iris T-2D gimbal issues

Looking for some help… i have just received a new 3dr iris with gimbal, when i mounted and powered up the gimbal the trim servo has spun the gopro almost completely upsides down. When i try to adjust the trim on the RC nothing happens… the RC seems to be functioning as i can see this in mission planner. I have also tipple checked the connections. Any one else experienced this problem or know where i whould start to sort it out? Thanks…

From the sounds of it, either your IRIS settings or the gimbal settings are not quite right.

IRIS/Pixhawk T-2D Settings

First thing to try is to make sure you have the correct settings on your T-2D Gimbal. To do this you will need to connect it to your PC via the USB Dongle included with your kit. To start, please donload the setup software and drivers here

Inside the zip file you will see the drivers folder, within that you can install the drivers. If you are using windows 8, please see this post on windows 8 prolific drivers to get this to work properly.

Once the drivers are installed connect everything up to your PC and open the ZYX-BMGC-EN_V1.5.exe file to open the config tool. Here select the correct COM port (usually highest number) and you should be able to read your gimbal settings.

The best thing to do is to download the settings file for IRIS/Pixhawk and write it to the board just to make sure you have the correct settings for your Pixhawk/IRIS. You can download the settings parameter file here - 3DR_Tarot.bgsc file.

Check IRIS/Pixhawk Settings

To check your IRIS/Pixhawk has been configured correctly for the T-2D gimbal, connect to via mission planner and go to the Initial Setup > Optional Hardware > Camera Gimbal screen set the parameters according to the screenshot below:

Hope that helps.

it worked a charm… Thank you very much for your assistance.
One other question. 9 times out of 10 when i start up the iris it gives me a gyro calibration fail. To get past this i would normally power down again and usually when i power it up again it is ok. Is this normal. Thanks

That should not happen 9 times out of 10 if your IRIS is perfectly still and level when you turn it on. I know this gyro calibration fail happens when you power it on while it is moving, or its not level on the ground. So does this happen when if you rest the IRIS on a level surface and then connect the battery and wait about 60 seconds before moving your quadcopter?