Jumper T12 OpenTX 12ch Radio with JP4-in-1 Multi-protocol RF Module



I have been using the T8SG V2 Plus for some time now and I definately like it as a radio as having the options to bind to anything is just great. But when it comes to trying to use some external modules like crossfire there are some limitations… Its great to hear that jumper has been listening to customers and they have just announced a new radio called the T12.

The key features of the T12

  • Runs OpenTX firmware (same as Frsky Taranis radios)
  • Still includes the JP4 4in1 module (as an external JR style module only) so you can still bind with Spektrum/Flysky etc…
  • Full LUA script support so you can use all the features of crossfire/ Frsky telemetry etc…

The only downside is that with the T12, it does not include hall gimbals or an OLED screen like you do on the T8SG V2 Plus… but the good thing is that the T12 is just about the same price as the standard T8SG V2, which makes it a potentially great bargain assuming it works as it says on the box.

Another issue is that like with the T8SG, Jumper have chosen some strange colour scheme…

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