Hello, currently FrSky TARANIS Q X7 is out of stock in unmannedtech. I was wondering when it will be available?

We have some on order but frsky delivery dates are quite variable. Sometimes it takes 3 weeks, other times it takes 8 weeks :frowning: so my answer is soonish!

That said I can honestly recommend that you consider rather getting the jumper t12 its got all the features of the qx7 (and supports frsky receivers) but has more :slight_smile:

We have a review here if you are interested

What receivers does jumper t12 support? cant find a manual :frowning:

They support just about every receiver you can think of… they have a multiprotocol units. Here is some info on the module:

RF Chip Data

Cypress Semiconductor CYRF6936: DSM/DSMX, Walkera Devo

Texas Instruments CC2500: FrSky, Futaba SFHSS

Amiccom A7105: FlySky, FlySky AFHDS2A, Hubsan

Nordic Semiconductor NRF24L01: HiSky, Syma, ASSAN and most other Chinese models

RF Module Features:
- JP4-in-1 Multi-protocal module included. DSM2/X, FrSKY, SFHSS, FlySky, FlySky AFHDS2A, Hubsan and more

  • the CC2500, NRF24L01, A7105 and CYRF6936 RF Chip modules all integrated on one board.
  • can convert standard PPM signals form module equipped radios in to the RF protocols
    -This module is plug and play with module equipped radios in the FrSKY series and requires
    no complex wiring or “hacking” to get running.
  • The Jumper JP4IN1 module is also upgradable via USB input
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Thanks alot for that information Alex, you might remember from my other post (“DJI F550”), I was going to buy the [Matek F722-STD Flight Controller with Built-In OSD.
So my question is would you be able to suggest a receiver which compatible for both jumper t12 and Matek F722-STD?


Sure, basically any x series frsky receiver would be my suggestion. Like x4r, xsr, xm+. But since you have the space you would likely get the best range with the x8r.