Radiolink TF8B vs Flysky I6X - which is better for a beginner?

I have always suggested the flysky I6 to beginners, as it is cheap, and has alot of nice features. However, we have recently received a delivery of the Radiolink TF8B radio. After playing around with one I think this may be my new recommendation to anyone who wants a cheap beginner radio to get started with.

Why I think it is good:

  • It is cheaper than the flysky radio
  • It has 8 channels
  • It has better range than the flysky I6X
  • It is much easier to use and setup. It does not have any screen/menu so you litteraly plug in a battery, bind with the receiver and start flying. No need to setup a new model, setup switches etc…
  • Supports many micro radiolink receivers so will fit on small FPV quads
  • Supports SBUS/PPM so you can use this setup with just about any flight controller.
  • If you want to change advanced settings, like throttle curve, or reassign a switch you can. You just need to hook up your android device via OTG cable (or connect to your PC) and you can.

The only thing missing is the lack of multiple model support. But as a beginner one would only realy have a single model they fly. And after this radio I would still suggest upgrading to a Taranis which has an insane amount of features (but can be confusing for a beginner to setup)

What do you guys think? Do you think this is a viable option to consider over the flysky I6x for a beginner?