Radiolink A10 II

I have currently Flying with a Flysky FlySky FS-i6 2.4G 6CH AFHDS RC Transmitter With FS-iA6 Receiver

I have been researching the Transmitter and Receiver debate war*** Frysky Vs Spectrum yadda yadda yadda…

There is much talk about Quality Control in this hobby, and frankly my experience is that Quality control is all over the chart if I were to try to track it for my purchases…

Is there confusion as to what Made in China is, that means just about everything in this hobby is produced or manufactured in China…so it’s all Made in China

I’m thinking about giving the Radiolink A10II transmitter and R12 DS Receiver…I will be taking the R12 housing off and will modiy the R12 as necessary to reduce overAll size and grams…it is a very fast Radio without the high $$$ mark up and looks awesome is ways a bonus

I’ve got one of these
For the price I can’t fault it other than the joystick feel is poor, seems like the design is missing a spring pad
Also various reports on RC Groups that the range is NOT as good as claimed. I’ve had RSSI at -70% when just a few hundred yards away LOS. There is an antenna mod a few guys have done with some success, search YouTube, I’ve bought the parts just not had chance to fit them yet.
Failsafe facility is comprehensive
Setup is easy, special flight modes facility
Addition telemetry modules are useful and cheap, I run on two machines and have the PRM-01 on both.
Screen can be hard to read in bight sun, but most are :sob:

Anybody else on the forum had good/bad experiences

Steve :slight_smile:

CORRECTION -70db not -70%

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I have been using the older version AT9, but generally I find them to be decent radios as as Steve said, for the price they are great and hard to beat. Radiolink also have a decent selection of receivers, including some micro ones for smaller systems. In terms of quality control, I think we have only had 1 return and have been selling radiolink gear for close to 10 months now. We have actually had more returns for Frsky gear, but might be skewed as we sell about 3 Frsky radios for every radiolink.

However just to add to the confusion, have you seen the new jumper TS8G radio? I would say its more on par with the Flysky radios but has a huge advantage in that it can support just about any receiver protocol you can think of. It has a LCD screen for easy setup and config. I have only played with it briefly but its on my long list of product reviews to write…

I have seen a few vides of the Frysky Trannis loosing ground signal at 70meters with and without Antenna modifications…il
Also more and more stores are Sold out of the Radiolink A10II especially at the 99 to 109 US dollar price point
That’s alot of Radio for them money. It’s almost worth the risk for me

Yep, I’m very pleased with mine, just airing my experiences :slight_smile:
Steve :slight_smile: