Flysky Radios 🎮 and Receivers 📻 for FPV Quadcopters - Which One Should You Buy?

Flysky radios are among the most popular for beginner pilots as they are often bundled with ready to fly quads. They have a great set of features and for the low price, they are hard to beat. But in the recent months, there has been a steady release of new frsky compatible products, both radios and receivers. So if you are just starting out, or looking for another radio control/receiver this guide will help you narrow down the options to find the best one for you.

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Great article!
Just a question on the FS-ix6b , you have said it support SBUS but everything I can find says IBUS only.

Is there an updated firmware that does SBUS…I really want SBUS as I have a madcow that does SBUS and my RX doesn’t do it …from what I can tell



Hi Greg
To all intents and purposes ibus = sbus
Try it. you won’t be disappointed
Steve :slight_smile:

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Hi: This is an older post but I just found it today 6-27-2019. I received my Flysky FS-i6X Radio today from China. The firmware is dated: 2018-DEC-11, version 1.0 and the hard_ver is: V1.0
Would you know if there is a newer Version available…? I’ve been looking on the Internet but a lot are not from the MFG and I don’t want to Brick my Radio…! Thanks in advance…

I had a might of a google.
I couldn’t find a lot doesn’t look like flysky didn’t release any updates.

But i did find this bug fix which may be of some use to you.

I can’t vouch for if it works or not, so do some research before you try.