Test flight success

This was my first build and so far so good. Today I had a successful test flight in the brief moment that Scotland offered some sunshine. OH MY WORD!! Does this thing GO!! I deliberately throttled myself down with 20A ESCs and a low C battery so I could get a feel for things before jumping into a 35A Typhoon build and I’m glad I did. Thus far I’ve been flying some indoor gear and a Phantom 3. I can’t fly those things now, I’ve tasted the real thing and I can’t turn back!! :grinning::sunglasses:

I had fun creating this and I want to thank Unmanned tech for their prompt feedback with a question about wiring up the ESCs to my Omnibus F4 V5.1. A shout out has to go to Bardwell for his ARMing videos and Aussie Stu for the free charger he’s sending out. What a great community!

Now all that’s left is to save those pennies for my FPV gear … £££ :+1:


Very Cool :sunglasses:

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Very nice clean build… good work on the soldering.


Very clean… How did you get the shrink over the escs? Just extra large shrink?

I’ve got those chaos motors and they rip the tits. Still learning how to fly it tbh, and haven’t taken them above 80% or so.

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The Escs arent very big…
I think it is a relative normal size heatshrink.

Im looking forward to your FPV installation…
If your FPV setup will be as clean as your current build: WOW :wink:

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Sorry for the late reply, I have a bunch of different heat shrink sizes. The one on the ESCs is about 20mm. I stole… borrowed them from work. :blush:

So today I put a picture of my drone on the startup screen of my Taranis. Telemetry is all go with audible battery warnings on the transmitter and LUA scripts are on standby ready for the day I want to mess with the PIDs.
I’m wondering how awesome/annoying a TOP GUN startup tone would be… It has to be AWESOME surly.

I’m certainly getting some SIM time up waiting for a charger… C’mon Stu! I actually finished a track run on Velocidrone for the first time yesterday. I can’t believe how quickly I’ve climbed the SIM learning curve the past 3 weeks. I’m doing stuff now that I actually thought was impossible for me. I just hope the skills translate to the real thing when my charger arrives.


I practice freestyle in Velocidrone.
Its good to practice in the SIM saves no end of money and fun. I find moves much easier in the sim.

Always MOD your start up screen :slight_smile:


AWESOME splash screen!!

I really want to do more freestyle stuff but it gets a bit boring when you’re so broke that all you can afford is the free trial version lol
The only things I have to dive are the trees ATM
Waiting on payday…

Will we see a tutorial of that? :smile:


The quad in the splash screen is the v1 model of my frame. I could update it to the v2 model.

Lets see how many likes this post gets. :slight_smile:
I will do one if this post gets two likes :smile:


I have to say… for your first build that is definitely nice and neat so hats off to you… alot better then my first build that I am too ashamed to show anyone :stuck_out_tongue: Thanks for sharing the build!

Thanks Alex. I’m Avionics by trade so I get a bit of practice with wiring. My boss would pick holes in it and shake his head in disgrace :wink:

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FPV gear on its way!! Chaos VTX + Pagoda ANT and a HS1177 camera. Now to make some room for it…:roll_eyes:

I learnt how to play around with the PIDs last night. Damn, I wish I knew how to do this before I started. I probably would have gone for the Chaos 30A ESCs and tuned the power down until I was ready for it.
Is this bad for the ESC? Seems like a pretty good idea to me, unless I’m missing something.

This easiest way to limit your throttle is in Betaflight…
Is just to turn down Maximum Throttle.

If you take it down to 1700 - 1900.
It should limit the power a little. ( I think… not done it before )
Just be careful you don’t take it down too far, that you can recover from a fall.

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It is easier ti set a throttle curve on you TX and set the enpoint as low as you want, I limited mine to 60% with some dys fire motors and it still blasts of like a rocket.

Well I managed to shoehorn everything in there with the final changes put in place.
-ChaosVTX *Check
-HS1177 camera *Check
-Chaos ESCs beacon set *Check
-Turtle mode *Check
-soft mounted FC *Check
-PIDs tuned to replicate what I’ve been using on Velocidrone *Kinda Check

I’ll be honest … I’m a little bit happy with my first build :wink:


Looks really clean…
good work on that… however try to replace the zip-ties on the escs with some electrical tape or something like that :slight_smile:

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