Test flight success


Yeah that is one nice looking quad :heart_eyes:

One minor suggestion… is to try tilt your antenna upwards if you want better signal depending how far you plan to fly.


Awesome vid! I was actually trying to visualise what the donut would be doing if I orientated the antennas like this. Thanks!


Any particular reason? Weight? Heat? Or just aesthetics?


I cant tell you exactly why, but i would say aesthetics and to safe the Escs a bit more… :slight_smile:
When i started building my own Quad i watched many videos of RR, JB and UAVFutures and in one video someone reviewed a quad a said that he doesnt like zip ties on Escs… :smile:


Some people don’t like using zip ties for ESC, as in a crash it can sometimes cause a component to be pulled off the ESC of it slides under it, with tape this is less likely. But since you are using heat shrink on the ESC below the ziptie it mitigates this somewhat.

But like most things is just a matter of preference as there are pros and cons for both :slight_smile:


Yeah the only reason I put them on was to limit vibration. I kinda brain faded on the front ones though.
I appreciate all the feedback btw. I understand that I’m new and I will inevitably do something wrong so it’s great to get everyone’s ideas etc. So cheers :+1:

I’ve been looking at the motor ratings today and found it interesting that going up to 30A ESCs probably wouldn’t make any difference (at least for my flying style just now). I’m actually wondering if I would notice any difference at all:

5045x3 Props
Motor pull with 20A ESC = 690g x 4 = 2761g
Motor pull with 30A+ ESC = 870g x 4 = 3480g

Real-time weight with 1300mAh = 480g
20A ESC Power:Weight = 5.7:1
30A ESC Power:Weight = 7.25:1

With those numbers in mind and taking into consideration that I generally hang around the 50% throttle range, I’m pretty happy with the results.


Stuck a £20 4k camera on the roof last night, that and my FPV goggles arrived! WOO! I finally got to experience FPV that isnt in a simulator!! WOW!! I can finally use YAW! Ever tried using yaw on line of sight? Does my head in!
Yeah, so very excited and having a lot of fun. Taking off in FPV was the hardest thing. I kept trying to look under my goggles until I finally committed and just blasted it like I would in the sim. Flying past myself (albeit very slowly) would mess with my head and i’d get confused. But OH MAN did it feel good to go in low at the trees and then punch it and split-s dive back into them again!! WOOO! So far im a one trick pony and that’s all i’ve got. I noticed some interesting wobbles when I hit the throttle after a big fall too. AntiGravity needs a tweek maybe?
Lots of fun to come now that I have tasted flight :wink:


Maybe we should of warned you about the FPV addiction bug :stuck_out_tongue:

But yeah it is quite a thing to get it right the first time so congratulations! My first fight (with goggles) I found the landing part the hardest for sure, ended up landing a good 50m away from myself and was not the softest of landings either!

Well actually my first FPV flight i decided to use a monitor instead of goggles (as goggles where not too popular yet)… and then I decided to look up to see where the quad was, could not tell the orientation as it was a lot further away than I expected… panicked and ended up crashing it onto concrete… needless to say it was the end of that quadcopter. (was back in the day when we used to use fiberglass frames!)