Taming the Hawk 5 to fly as beginner

Hi Guys,

I am very new to this FPV hobby, I have typically flown the DJI, after watching Mr Steele and Bardwell, I got very excited and bought a hawk5 and a Taranis just before Xmas, however as you can imagine my maiden flight was sheer panic, as it took off in to the stratosphere at the blip of a throttle, I really need to tame this beast to beginner mode, can anyone advise what steps can be taken on the aircraft and radio / Betaflight, so I can fly without crashing into the ground or moon hopping across the fields, yours gratefully

Watch this from 4mins 29 seconds :slight_smile:

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yep 1st thing is defo slow rates down, as in vid above 400 to 500 degrees a second is fine,
2nd get some rc rate on so its softer around the stick centre rc rate between 20 to 30 should do.
3rd if you insist on angle mode, as in vid turn angle rate down so its not so aggressive to self level.
4th if you can go acro straight away, alot easier when FPVing, also try to practice somewhere enclosed with trees and dont go higher than trees.
finally make sure your buzzer works and failsafe.

dear Max and Dale
many many thanks for this will try this today , thx for taking time to give me your advice its really appriciated
happy CNY

Well chaps I went out yesterday to try out the new PIDs you suggested and I used 300 thinking I would play safe, jezz it was still a hand full and almost got away from me, my Mavic buddy was gobsmacked at the speed it headed into space, I clearly need more practice with the Acrobee me thinks, how you guys fly these monsters is amazing to me, I have 4S battery’s which is all I can get in Hong Kong as no one will ship lipos here so a pal of mine will try and get some 3S on his next trip to China I am hoping this will help, as you can imagine I had a bumpy landing and two props spun off it’s weird the motors are all CW threads, I have ordered a skylord after watching AndyRC an Stew at UVF as this Hawk5 would be an expensive loss with my current skill level, if you have any additional advice on the Hawk PIDs I would love to hear it, thanks, Wez

Have a watch of this…
Its a video on how to scale the throttle of a whoop class quad
But will work the same on your Hawk.

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Hi Doomed,

many thanks for this,


Wackywez - nice choice for your first quad :smiley:
Get yourself a simulator; I bought Velocidrone to learn with initially Velocidrone Simulator You can then connect your Taranis to your computer and practise flying.

One thing you don’t mention is whether you have got some goggles to fly FPV. If you haven’t - buy some! There will probably be a lot of pilots that disagree with me on this, but it’s easier to learn to fly a quad by FPV than by visual line of sight (VLOS). I would however caveat that by at least learning the basics of a) hovering b) going left - right c) up-down d) rotate left and right.

Enjoy - we look forward to seeing your YouTube videos :slight_smile:

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thanks GF yes i have the Velocidrone and Liftoff SIM with the Frsky XSR SIM dongle which is great. I bought the Aomway Commander V1 for my first set of goggles however im not at FPV stage yet , best regards