Guidance required on tuning quad

Ok, so I’ve built my first quad (Hurray) and it flew first time with no problems (WOW) I thought I’d use the same stack as my EMAX Hawk 5 as the Emax Magnum stack is just brilliant in the Hawk 5. So the build is as follows:

Tinsly S50 Big Shark Frame -
Emax Magnum All in one stack -
Mr Copper 2306 2700KV Motors -
Diatone 5045 Props -
FPV Camera - Runcam Eagle 2 Pro (Very very nice image!)

So all good on paper. In flight though it’s a different matter. I seem to have built a quadcopter that would be amazing for beginners. Note this is when comparing it with Hawk 5.

Throttle response is very sluggish with barely any punch out.
Top speed - feels like 10mph!

Upshot - I’m wondering - is it the configuration, or is it the electronics?
Any guidance points or hints on where I should start looking to improve performance what be gratefully recieved.

If you are using a 4s battery, my guess would be that your Quad is not using 100% of the possible Throttle Range.
Try to recalibrated your Escs and check your Throttle settings in Betaflight and your Taranis.

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Thanks Luca - it is a 4S 100C battery. I’ve also added a capacitor to the battery wiring as well.
Only other difference is that I’m running Betaflight 4.5.1 on the Tinsly and 4.3.1 on the Hawk 5.

Follow @Luca advice…
Calibrate ESCs
Check transmitter throttle stick is giving full range either -1000 : 0 : 1000 or 1000 : 1500 : 2000 depending how it is shown on your TX
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