Quad wont lift off after new flight tower install

Hi all i have changed my tower in my lizard95 to the f3 emax magnum as its 4s capable its all in, bound up working but it wont take off the motors are spinning the correct ways and the props are on the correct way.
After fitting i did update the fc to the latest version and changed the directions on the motors in bheli to the correct way but thats all i have done.

If any one can help i appreciate it


The props do look like they are on right.
And you say motor direction is correct… (All props and motors spin inwards towards the quad)

  • But you have changed the lipo to a 4S

  • Can those motors with quad blade props put out enough thrust to take the weight of the new lipo.

  • Is the new 4S lipo too heavy.?

  • Have you tried it on a 3S lipo… I’m assuming cause you upgraded to 4S you still have 3S lipos.

  • Have you calibrated the ESCs in blheli?

I tryed it with 3s i only brought 1 4s i haven’t used yet.
I would think there ok the 4s is lighter that most of my 3s i use beleve it or not .
And no not i have not calibrated them i will have a read up how to do it as i have never done it before
Thanks for the reply

Iv just read dshot dont need calibration as thats what im running?

ok not that then…

Can you take a short video?

Sorry its short i just dont want to damage it

Looks like to me…

The left hand motors are spinning the wrong way.

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You were bang on motor no 3 for some reason i must not of saved the setting in bheli, just need to soft mount the fc now as it seems to have the drift issue i had when i first got the quad with the old fc few rubber orings sorts it tho.

Thanks mate for your help


Drifting. You may be able to fix that with raising the “I Term” in the PIDs

I will give it a go i think it will need a tune as it was a lot puncher on stock tune with the eachine stack