Zero throttle problem (Emax Hawk 5 Mini magnum 2 stack)

Hi, I have a problem when I fly my drone, the problem is that when I punch out and then bring the throttle to 0 the quad drifts forwards or to the side.
i have a dvr recording to show the problem

Video Link:

Here are my PIDS

r u sure its not a radio fault, sticks free to move etc double check inputs screen on radio make sure around 0 throttle not effecting any other input.

are the trim centred on your radio?

Do you have a black box log
It would show your sticks and see if they are commanding that dip

I found out what my problem was, i forgot to turn in airmode i betaflight, now it works just fine

well done on finding the fix and sharing it back here for other to read :slight_smile:

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