No throttle when armed please help



when i arm my drone throttle dosent work… everything else works but not throttle, on betaflight throttle goes to 900 when i arm and stays there when i move my throttle stick


not much information to go on, but maybe channel mapping is wrong.
If you operate other sticks or switches does the throttle respond then?
Steve :slight_smile:


no but on betaflight throttle works normaly when i disarm but when i arm it just stays locked at 900


Please post some more Informations about your setup…
Maybe you messed something with the aux channels on your Radio up
Try also to check your Receiver and if your Throttle Channel is Calibrated…
On the Fs i6 you can calibrate the Channel, but if you dont place all Sticks into the Center,
there wont be a Throttle signal…

Luca :slight_smile: