Having problems when increasing the throttle and it gets stuck even when i bring it down

so i plug in the battery arm it and the roll yaw and pitch work fine but when i use the throttle and move it up it gets stuck on high throttle when i bring it back down and i checked the receiver tab in betaflight and its working fine the sticks are moving fine and i set them in the middle and it was flying fine yesterday tried fly it today and it started spazzing out and if i put it on full throttle it says there when i put it bck down to the min but it doesnt do this with movements of the yaw pitch and roll can someone help me with this please i have the f60 pro iii 2500kv motors and the f55A 4 in 1 esc 5040c tri blade probs and the f722std fc

so are you saying sometimes the throttle gets stuck when flying even though the throttle is at idle?