Newbie looking for a first buy!

Hi everyone !
Cheers for having me in.
Im new to racing/freestyle quads, I have own a beebop 2 which I do abuse on a daily bases lol.
Im trying get into something faster with more speed and capability of some tricks etc.
In tearms of racing drones, radios and how to build it, my knowledge is very limited.
Looking for an advice and a starter fpv drone.
I dont mind paying more for googles as they will stay with me for longer.
Thanks and have a good day everyone !

Give this a read: New Pilots - Google Docs
And join the discord (top right, to the left of the search).
If you have any questions just ask and check with someone your build before you buy it just in case.

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Thanks mate, will have a read thru, Ive done a bit of research and for sure I want to build not buy. Ive got link from online shop with recommendation for a first build, will post it later !

That is the starter quad I was offer to get.

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@FlyHigh That’s a great quad - it’s got solid parts at a great price, and is easy to build - best of all you’ll get lots of support from UMT here and on discord if you get stuck. Wish that kit had been around when I first started.

You’ll need a radio, goggles, a battery charger and some batteries to go with it…

@AlienskysFPV, what radio would you recommend ? I was thinking about one of the FrSkys from the bottom price range, but Im open to suggestions

Taranis X9D+ a worthy investment

If you’ve done electronics before, I would say build your own and go cheap parts initially. However if you haven’t buy a pre-build quad and use that to learn to fly. The alternative is that you could (like me) end up spending a fortune on replacement parts. I started with the TBS Oblivion, but I’d also recommend the EMAX Hawk 5 as a good beginner quad.

Also - get some good goggles! Don’t go cheap on the module or the goggles.

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@GrandFromage is right. I started with the Emax Hawk 5 I built it my self and I learnt so much during the process. Also the satisfaction of seeing your drone flying after all your efforts. If you need help mate don’t hesitate to contact me.

Thanks for advice lads ! I havent really build any electronics before but Im a quick lerner and been told that the quad Ive linked is an easy build however Im trying to find someone experience which would possibly have some spare time ( not for free ) to maybe give me like an building introduction, I know there is a lot of videos etc. but its always better just to do it with someone who know what his doing lol.
Anyways Im from kent and willing to travel so if anyone know someone who would be interesting in a quad build lesson please contact me !

@FlyHigh Hi bro, I’m sure you can do it your self as I did first time without any knowledge. I can help you remotely and I can suggest videos of my friend in the USA who has more than 100k subscribers. Watch his videos and you will feel more confidence. I can help you too with any questions you might have…jump to the water and swmin into the FPV sea! :wink:

@Irish.V thanks mate ! I will do my best but for sure will need your help guys.

@FlyHigh Have a look to this link. Drone Camps RC. This will help you a lot

@Irish.V cheers pal !! Will do, are you on Discord mate ?

Nop, I have the app installed but don’t know which server to enter

@Irish.V try this mate

Tiny Hawke freestyle is great to start and it comes built but it is frsky so you will need around 600 nzd to start so 350 usd with a controller and goggles