New build advice for a newbie

I am having a few days off and am hoping to build my first quad! I have a remix clone frame but don’t know if it’s a bit ambitious for a first build?

If it is what would people recommend kit wise for a first build newbie? Easy to solder, but good quality, 4 in 1 esc or individual? good VTX and camera as I am still having problems with the what I have ie losing signal and drop out behind trees etc. Also does anybody do a kit of stuff that Work’s together?

Ideally would like something capable of long range but more as a safety blanket rather than flying great distance as I do enough walking already retrieving drones after over ambitious moves.
Also if there is a step by step video that someone can recommend the kit just as a guide that would be great also as it’s a bit scary trying to learn all this stuff.

I look forward to your recommendations and thanks in advance as I have always recived great help here…


If it’s your first build I would suggest to keep it simple So I would use a 4in1 esc.

As for suggesting kits that work well together… the options are too many to talk about. I would suggest maybe some rsii 2306 motors would be a good starting point with 35-40A esc.

For vtx the chaos fpv one is my favourite (slightly biased :grin:)