New Build advice

. I am just starting out. Have not built anything yet. Just doing research. Any advice?

I am 3d printing a mavic pro.

My top priorities.

  1. Fvp
  2. Long distance atleast 2km
  3. Stability mode
  4. Homing

Questions. Are there any combo kits that can accomplish my goals?

If not what would be the best

  1. Motor. Size, kv and make
  2. FC
  3. ESC- 4 in 1?
  4. PDB- maybe combined with ESC
  5. Video transmitter receiver
  6. Transmitter and receiver

I know it is a lot to ask. Just dont want to start out sown the wrong road



Sooo many ways to skin a cat but heres my 2pence

Fvp --- **FPV Camera most will work, Runcam, Foxeer, etc**
Long distance atleast 2km -- **TBS Crossfire**
Stability mode -- **on any FC**
Homing  -- **GPS**

Motor. Size, kv and make  -- **You want to look at a low KV motor**
FC -- **omnibus (supports gps)**
ESC- 4 in 1? -- **6S rated, any sooo many to choose from.**
PDB- **maybe combined with ESC -- as above**
Video transmitter receiver  -- **800mw VTX**
Transmitter and receiver -- **Taranis 9XD+ with Crossfire.**

Like with anything in this hobby. There are so many choices for parts and builds and a lot of it comes down to price range and preference.

I haven’t built a long-range quad yet, but it is on the list of build for the future.

If you are just starting out I would suggest you get a DIY build kit that already has all the bits you need as this is a great way to learn. As starting from scratch, although dooable will involve alot of reading, and possibly extra cost incase you order the wrong stuff.

My old Hex could fit 3 of those 4 priorities. I had a GoPro and gimbal for good FPV, the Hex provided stability in wind, and my power train could fly in relative calm winds for around 25-30 minutes. The only issue i had was range, but that is mostly due to me using a cheap TX for video, as i never flew beyond what i could receive.

DoomedFPV’s recommendations are good, but don’t do like i did and go super low KV motors. I’d say around 500-800, as the E310 is 960KV. I got 288KV motors, but i plan to lift heavy cameras and maybe a gas generator system though.

My Build Specs:
Hex on the Flamewheel 550
4S, 16,000lipo
DJI E310 ESCs/Motors set
DJI Naza V2 with OSD
Tarot T4-3D with GoPro 4
Eachine 5.8ghz VTX
Devention Devo 7 with RX

I’d do as unmannedTech recommends though and buy a medium sized DIY kit and learn from it, slowly upgrading as you learn.

Hi Bill,

I’m building my first quad ATM too. I can tell you one thing that has tripped me up and that’s the amount of room for your board stack. My particular frame would have been better built without a PDB as now I’m going to struggle to find room for my VTX. But as they say, if you combine things and something goes wrong, you’re up for more cash to replace that component.

Another thing I didn’t consider was the battery placement. My frame doesn’t allow for a top mount and a GoPro. So I’m forced to bottom mount my battery. Which is fine, just a limiting factor.

The third thing I didn’t realise is just how quick these things are. My initial test flight blew me away! I only have 20A Chaos ESCs too. I’m really glad I didn’t go with a 35A typhoon build for my first drone like in initially thought I wanted.

Not much of a technical answer like the blokes above but thought I’d share where I got pulled up. Hope it helps. :blush:

Good advice from @DoomedFPV
If you use TBS Crossfire for the RC then I suggest you use their 2.4GHz UNIFY video transmitter for the FPV feed. It gives better long range than the usual 5.8GHz (the lower frequency has more penetrating objects power)
The TBS flying videos on You Tube will show you the capabilities.
Steve :slight_smile:

Hi Bill,

I have recently built my first drone so understand how overwhelming the choice can be for which parts to use.
Since it is my first, I decided to go down the budget route to see if I enjoy flying before spending too much money. I actually used a video on YouTube for the parts which are:

SP Racing F4 flight controller (Acro version)
Racestar RS20Ax4 20A 4 in 1 ESC
Matek Systems PDB-XT60 PDB
Lisam LS-210 210mm carbon frame
Racestar BR2205 2300kv brushless motors
Eachine VTX03 super mini VTX
Eachine 1000TVL 1/3 ccd camera
Racestar s5048 props
Frsky xsr receiver - this depends on your transmitter

I’m sure that many will say that there are better versions of all of these components available, but, this all came below £100. I know I don’t have the experience of other people that have been doing this for years but it flies very well with a 3s lipo. In fact, I found this easier to fly than the quad on the simulator that I use to practice. It will support a 4s lipo aswell which I’m looking to upgrade to soon to give it some more power.

I would recommend all of the parts on this list apart from the camera which I think is worth investing more money in getting a better quality one.

Hope this helps you,


Another vote for buying a kit; I did exactly that, as the whole thing was so bewildering. Now starting to add bits as I’ve got more of a handle on it. The main thing to be careful of is voltages (it seems to me)… If you get a kit, all that will be matched.

Everyone here has been nothing but helpful. See my build thread from a rank beginner! :+1:t2:

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You want to cover few aspects (especially the distance) that could be quite costly if this is your first build. As to mention a Mavic Air can do all off that I one complete packg for 700euro but I’ll take the suggestion of most of the ppl here and go for a simple and smaller solution first