My very first build, come and laugh at it


Someone asked me to share a pic of my build. I am brand new and have found this place really helpful so far, if you can help me further please feel free to point out anything or check my other topics to see if you can assist. Have a laugh at my effort but don’t be too mean!

I’ve used;
armattan chameleon
dji snail propulsion esc’s and motors
streak AIO F4 board
run cam owl plus
TBS unify pro race hv Vtx
FS-A8S Rtx
TBS triumph antennas

As you can see it’s pretty rough, so don’t laugh too much!
I also did a hover test yesterday and it works! but i crashed it into a wall and bent a prop. idiot.
I need to shorten/organise my battery cable too, when i crashed my lipo cable got sliced a bit!!


Looks good mate don’t worry your next build will be better and tidy as u will know more my first quad is untidy too lol


ha! thanks, man. I’ve left the radio tx pretty open because i’m currently on ppm, but i think i’m swapping to sbus but i have other priorities at the mo.
I’m trying to figure out OSD, i thought my board had it included but i think i need to buy something like a piggy osd and running my camera into it, my vtx out of it and connecting it to my fc?
i really don’t know!


I do think you need another module running to the osd ftdi that has a connection to your vtx and camera although I could be wrong I’ve had a little Google but only found this go down to post 9 and it may help



mate, that’s better info than what i found!
I’ll have a little look and order some sort of osd board to go in line similar to how you say.
Perhaps something like this diagram?


I think I may have figured it out for you with no other board connect the rx1 and tx1 on top of board to the osd rx and tx on bottom of board that’s labeled osd ftdi rx1 to rx tx1 to tx then turn on in config give that a go mate


This explains everything your board has but it’s built in


Oh wow, mate. That is exceptionally helpful! I’m just checking in quickly but will have a look at this tomorrow and let you know. Thank you very much for this


Did you have Any luck mate


Aw man! I’ve not had chance! Day in a&e yesterday with one of little girls and today I’ve been catching up. I work offshore and travel to Brazil in the morning so I’ve been busy sorting shit round the house. I think it should work though after watching the YouTube vid you found.
So I’m taking my controller with me and hopefully get a lot of hours in on FPV Freerider!!
Thank you so much for your help so far - I’ll be checking in on here when I can while I’m away.
Cheers mate!


Aww I hope she’s ok and gets better soon. Wow what a place to work also that would be a place to fly lol. Yeah plenty of practice helps a lot.
Catch up with you soon mate and fly safe.


@Graham_Cassidy Don’t worry, most DIY quads look that messy. Unless you want to add extra weight by using a monocoque frame it’s going to pretty much always look like that.