Beginner FPV Questions

Good day

I have joined the drone-community 2 weeks ago !!! So newby-warning !!!

I have realised very soon that building my own drone is the way to go and found this guide. VERY NICE !!

If I could ask a question just to check that I understand things correctly. The FPV camera is connected to the VTX transmitter and that is the route that the OSD info is transmitted ?? Is that correct ?

And if I use a receiver with telemetry function, then the data transmitted via that route will be displayed on the transmitter-screen ??

many thanks !


The OSD is on the Flight Controller (FC)
So you connect the camera and VTX to the FC to get the OSD in the FPV feed to a screen or goggles.

Telemetry data is transmitted to the Transmitter and can be seen on the transmitter. e.g battery voltage of the lipo on the quadcopter.
LUA scripts can be run on the transmitter to change settings on the FC using the telemetry link. Very useful for changing VTX channel, power and PIDs.

When you start your build… feel free to start a build log.
Post pictures and ask as many question as you want.

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