No OSD on my Android tablet via Matek VTX-HV

I am yet to get this quad in the air, it’s that new, having trouble in 2 areas:
No OSD - I have Matek VTX-HV and thanks to a previous post on this forum I now have video on my Android tablet. I connected the video out from the camera directly to the VTX card. I do have a TX to TX4 connection to my FC, F405-STD and BF Ports selected to IRC Tramp also OSD and Display options are on in the Configuration screen. I get good video but nothing else.

Can you help?

If you bypassed the fc in the cam - vtx connection, there is no way for you to get betaflight osd

Ok, thanks for that. This raises a couple of questions, I’m hoping you can answer for me.

  1. What function does the TX on the video card to the TX4 pad on the FC perform?

  2. The fact that the camera connection direct to the VTX, bypassing the FC, is the only way the Cam output can be achieved must therefore mean there’s a problem with the FC, is this true?

Thanks again, you’re the one person that’s got me this far.


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The TX is used for smart audio communication. Meaning, if you properly set it up, you can control the vtx settings, such as output power, and channel/band, via the flight controller, or with compatible receiver, straight from the radio.

The OSD is added in the flight controller itself, so it basically goes like this: camera > OSD chip > vtx > goggles

If you couldn’t get any video while having it go through the flight controller, it’s possible that it’s either broken, or you didn’t wire it up properly