VTX doesnt communicate with FC

Hey guys, as I listed above I have a problem, my FC is Diatone mamba F405 MK2, VTX HGLRC Forward, having issues setting smartaudio. resoldered my connections to the FC, VTX connected to uart 3 on FC also on betaflight, set peripherals to IMC Tramp.
Still in video transmitter tab I have under Current Values window,“Device Ready:No”. any suggestions? thank you!

Hi are you sure it’s tramp protocol and are you sure you have the right vtx table if yes then there are known problems with the mamba board we’re OSD pad is dead and certain ground pads , I would get onto there help Center to get a new board fc

I found its Tramp according to youtube video I found, I cant know if I have the right vtx table becuase I dont get any response from the debug “sensors”, what is the OSD pad? vid?, if the VTX is working I guess the ground pad is good no?
Thanks for your response.
Edit:Fixed the problem, resoldered all VTX cables to pads again and got Yes on betaflight

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