Smart Audio on Camera/VTX combo

Hi. can anyone help. I have video and OSD so I think it is wired correctly however not all features seem to work or if they even should on a camera like this

Camera/VTX =
Flight Controller = Mamba F4 Mini Stack

The FC Uart Wire is connected to the TX3 on the flight controller
On the ports tab on Betaflight Smart Audio is enabled on Uart3

When I use the sticks to open the OSD menu it opens up fine in the OSD as it should and I can navigate that how I would expect.

However any changes made to VTX settings like power or channel make no difference to the VTX should I be able to change these settings in the OSD
Thanks in advance

That seems correct to me and should be working, just try setting UART 3 to IRC tramp. I know the description says smart audio but worth a try as its not working and wired correctly.

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Thanks for your reply
realised I was on 4.2.1 so updated the firmware to 4.2.2 setting it up again from scratch and it works now
It was smart audio so there must have been something wrong with my settings
working as it should now

I will add tho this camera is far worse than the crazepony VTX/Camera combo I have just switched from i can barely make out obstacles when the light is behind them.
I get its cheap but so was my old one and that adapted to the light far better

glad its sorted, the frustration of cheep gear! I went from cheep to runcam micro swift camera and runcam
TX200 vtx that screws to rear of camera, 2 and a bit the price you paid for above, but the difference was like flying with sand in your eyes to crisp clear image.

I’m waiting to get a 4k split but I’m still crashing so much atm I feel like I should get a little better first.
I think I’m getting better this is all my FPV footage:

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