Identifying Your SmartAudio Version for Proper VTX Tables Setup

We often get customers asking us “Which SmartAudio version is on my VTX?” As knowing this this is essential for configuring VTX Tables and achieving correct VTX Control etc…

There are three versions of SmartAudio, and it’s a common source of confusion. Unfortunately, the product page and manual often don’t specify this. However, you can determine your SmartAudio version using Betaflight’s Debug mode:

  1. Open Betaflight and go to the Blackbox tab.
  2. Under “Blackbox Debug Mode,” select “SmartAudio.” The other two options can be left as they are.
  3. Click “Save & Reboot.”
  4. Enable “Expert Mode” (top left corner).
  5. Navigate to the “Sensor” tab and uncheck all options except “Debug.”
  6. Observe the following Debug values:
  • Debug 0 = SmartAudio Version * 100 + Device Mode
  • Debug 1 = Device Channel
  • Debug 2 = Device Frequency
  • Debug 3 = Device Power
  1. Power up your quad and check Debug 0. The value shown will indicate your SmartAudio version (refresh every 10ms if needed).

Here are some example values to help you identify your SmartAudio version:

  • 100 = SA 1.0
  • 116 = SA 1.0 unlocked
  • 200 = SA 2.0
  • 216 = SA 2.0 unlocked
  • 300 = SA 2.1

Fore more info on setting up your VTX table, and how to tell smart audio version, check out this youtube video:

Hope that helps :slight_smile: