Altitude determination and battery fuel percentage with OSD

Hi all,
I am pretty new to using drones and recently purchased an fpv system for my zmr 250 quad. currently I am using a 3 cell 45c lipo battery but am interested in displaying both battery fuel percentage and altitude of the drone in an osd in my goggles but don’t really know where to start.
I have noticed that my flight controller may not have the storage to support a gps module which i gather is the usual way to provide altitude readings, so should I look into upgrading that first?
my set up is:
cc3d open pilot flight controller
hs1117 camera
chaos vtx- (so the bundle pack sold by unmanned tech)
eachine vr-007pro goggles
tattu 3 cell 45 c 1300 mAh battery
and the rest is included in the qav 250 racer kit also sold by unmannedtech

what you need is a new fc
one that has a built in OSD and current sensor.

Your also need one with a spare uart or two to take a gps.

That should get you what you need.

ok sound, thanks for the quick reply
I take it something like the Kakute F4 AIO V2 would cover that?

oh yeah… that would do it

Or the Matek AIO F405 CTR, it’s cheaper and has 5 available UARTs

Ahh yes looks good I’ll go with that, thanks for the advice!