OSD Is Reading Premature Battery Draining

Hey everyone,
So, I have a major issue here and I have done so much searching online and followed so many guides, but I cannot figure out what is going on. So here is the story.
So, I was planning a trip with the girlfriend and I was going to fly my FPV drone while on this trip. I checked everything before I left, and it was all goo. Get to the place we are staying at and find the chance to pull out the drone. I already had my batteries charged and when I when to plug them in my OSD said the were only half full. I flew anyways and after like 30s-1m I had to land because of low battery.
I go up to our room we are staying at and start messing with my batteries. Making sure they are fully charge which my charger said hey were. Trying to fully discharge and then charge them up again, but still nothing I was reading only half full in my OSD when I plugged my batterie in.
So, I thought maybe I jacked up my batteries and they are not holding full charged anymore. So, I order 6 new lipos online. We get home from the trip and I start researching online. I found out about calibrating my OSD battery sensor. I follow like 4 different guides and keep coming out with the same result.
I get the new batteries in the mail and charge them and give them a try.
After all the calibration I go out to fly and only last like 30s-1m and durn about 400mah. When I come back inside, I put my battery on the charger and it chargers up to 392mah about what I burned in the field. However, I only flew for 30s-1m and IU was not pushing hard. My battery compacity is 1250mah I do not know why I am not getting the full compacity. Also, these are new batteries remember. So, at this point I am stumped. If anyone has any suggestions, I am will to try anything.

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~Luca )