FPV Battery packs



I have had 2 of these 1300mah 4s lipo battery packs for almost a month now, flown them on about 10 occasions for around 30 cycles total, and man do these things rip! Tons of power in theses packs and virtually no sag compared to other packs I have flown. I am flying these on an aggressive race quad with 2700kv motors and get 2:30 of hard aggressive racing. When taking it slow and cruising around, these are easily capable of 4-5 minute flight times. Even with these flight times I am still bringing the pack down around 3.7 volts per cell.



Sounds great!

But i can not believe that you get 2:30 on 1300mAh with aggresive Racing.
When i fly Freestyle i can barely get a bit more than 2 minutes when im flying.
I would be interested in the internal resistance of each cell

Ok… Depends on the Quad setup…

Thanks for sharing this with us !