Couple of questions on 'TheFPV – The Battery V3 (6S, 1200mAh, “120C”)'

Hi, I’m looking for a few batteries for a drone I’m building using the Mario 5 frame, it’s a 5 inch quad with 1800KV motors.

I quite like the look of this battery, it’s on the shop as ’ TheFPV – The Battery V3 (6S, 1200mAh, “120C”)’

If I’m allowed to post a link, it’s this battery here:

The specs look good, but I can’t see the dimensions or weight listed.

I’d like to know the rough weight, and also the dimensions as I’m not sure if I need to use 200mm or 250mm straps for this battery, I’m planning to order some sticky straps also in the same order, thanks.

Also, if anyone else has used this battery, can I ask what is a rough flight time to expect from a cell with this capacity? I know there can be a lot of variance due to flying style, etc. so no need to be super specific :slight_smile:

They are around 212g :slight_smile: give or take a few g

And the size is around: 73x40x35mm give or take a few mm

To be honest we have made these batteries to give you the best performance and price

Check at how they perform compared in Chris Rossers test video:

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Hi Alex, around 212g will be ideal, thanks for the info, I’ve ordered a few. :slight_smile:

That video is good, it’s nice to see these things tested, it looks to be a good battery for the price.

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