Help With Battery Choice

I have recently been supplied with (due to my actual choice being discontinued) :

4x 2217Q 880kV Motors (Unmanned tech)
4x Gemfan 1245 Rotors, 12"
Quattro 30Ax4 ESC

What is a suitable battery? Preference for longer flight time without going overboard.

Thanks very much!

We have a guide here on how to choose the best battery.

However I can make some suggestions, but I just wanted to know what frame you are using, and are you planning to carry a gimbal or a camera?

Some suggestions would be very useful, thank you.

I am using the Unmanned Tech S500 frame. The drone will be carrying a payload of a raspberry Pi in a case, weight of maybe 100g. Camera will either be the Raspberry Pi cam or the Grove Serial Camera, neither of which are particularly heavy. I am anticipating powering the Pi separately by 4 AA batteries, another 100g.

My suggestion would probably be the a 3s 5000mAh battery, around 15-20C. what motors are you using on the S500 frame?

Thanks again.

The motors are as described above, 4x 2217Q 880kV Motors (Unmanned tech).

whoops, didnt realize that :stuck_out_tongue: I was just wondering so I can double check that the battery would have sufficient C rating for the motors.

So my suggestion would be something around the range of a 5000mah 10C battery would give you decent flight times. We sell a 5100mAh gensace TATTU battery which you might want to consider.

Hope you have a great weekend :thumbsup:

hi, guys, I can recommend you Gens ace 2s 5000mah lipo

You cant use a 2S lipo with those motors as they will not product nearly enough thrust… maybe you mean the gensace 3s 5000mah lipo?

Im still unsure as to what i am supposed to buy as i dont know these other things like the weight and stuff
I have a
Motor Specifications
Stator Diameter 22mm
Stator Height 6mm
KV (rpm/Volt) 2300
Weight 31g with full wires
Recommended Props 5 or 6 inch
LiPo Compatibility 3-4S
Prop Mount Height 5mm
Prop Mount Diameter 5mm
Interior Threading CW or CCW
Magnets N52H arc magnets
Stator Laminations 0.15mm
Winding Single Wire
Bearing Genuine NMB

Chemeleon 6 - Weighs 260kg (9.5oz)
-2206/2300kv Oomph Velvet Edition motors

  • 30 amps Armattan ESCs
  • HS 1177 camera with 2.5mm lens
  • CL Racing F4 FC running Betaflight OSD
  • Mini 200mw Aomway Stubby VTX
  • Aomway Stubby antenna
  • Cyclone props
  • Landing dogbone pads
  • Soft mounted FC using anti vibration standoffs
  • Lipo foam pad
  • HD cam foam pad
  • Lipo strap
  • FrSky X4R-SB

That is my build.
I am so confused as to where you get all this information like current draw and max thrust.