Battery requirement for my drone


I am planning to build a drone with below components

  1. A2212/13 KV1000 Brushless Motor BLDC Hex Rotor

  2. ESC 30 A Brushless Motor Speed Controller by

  3. Arduino Mega controller

Will 11.1v 1500mah 30c battery work for all the components ?

I am beginner so pardon me if I am asking a very basic question.

That should work, but we have a guide on choosing a battery for your drone which you might want to read.

It seems the links you provided do not work so I cant actually open up the links for the motor/ESC, but given that just about all motors and ESC will be compatible with a 3S lipo (11.1V) I am sure it will work fine. Just read the specifications and make sure they support the voltage of your lipo. However my suggestion would be to get a bigger lipo battery, something at least 2200mah min for a 450 size quadcopter.