Lipo suppliers in the UK

Afternoon all

Having failed miserably to obtain yet another Tattu 1800mah 75C 3s from Amazon, i’m on the hunt to find any other suppliers that can provide one in this spec? I’ve had 2 in a row now from amazon that have measured a total voltage of 5.3v and 5.26v at the XT60 connector and are totally unusable from new.

I’ve looked in UnmannedTech website but they don’t have one listed.

Hello I found this i know its not the specs that your looking for but its close enough. I personally don’t think that an 1800mah battery would increase your flight times anytime soon because of the additional weight.
You could also ask them when they would have a restock?. If you still want them?.

tattu 1550 3s 75c is Weight at 135.6g, and tattu 1800 3s 75C is about 156g, it may add a little weight to the FPV I think. but that should be the normal weight for FPV.

I agree and I think that the sweetspot nowadays is between 1300 and 1500 mah batteries right?.

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GensAce Tattu got in touch about the faulty batteries and are sending a free replacement to help restore faith in their batteries. So i have an 1800mah 75c 3S on the way.

I’m getting an extra minute or two with the 1800mah i have currently over my 1550mah, plus they are not as thick as the 1550.

Okeydoke, back to suppliers. I’m after a 5000mah 3s or 4s, total draw of around 65A so looking for 20C rating. This will be for a large drone build i am working on.

Anywhere in the UK supplying them? And any recommendations for brand?

We sell a few 5000Mah

We do have both of those batteries on order so should get them in stock in about a week or so (according to our gensace contact)

But we also have trouble with our suppliers as there are loads of regulations with shipping and also just batteries in general, so we only sell from suppliers who perform proper safety tests on their lipos.

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