Where to buy batteries and charger?

The one thing that I can’t get from Unmanned are any batteries/charger. I was wondering if anyone knows of a good and reasonably priced place to buy them?

I had been looking at Hobby King however I have read as many bad reviews as good. They seem to be very reasonably priced and have a UK Warehouse. I am nervous about using them though due to the reviews. Does anyone know of an alternative site in the UK that is reasonable and maybe has better reviews?

One day we do plan to sell batteires/chargers and are working on it, but due to some postage restrictions and other factors like storage/ expiry of batteries we still need to work some things out.

Hobbyking do have great prices for batteries, and has for ordering with them it realy depends on your luck, but I think they get most orders correct, and if its from the UK warehouse they are subject to all of the UK selling regulations. So if ordering from them I would suggest only getting from UK warehouse if you want to have some sort of buyer rights, otherwise with international warehouse if you have problems good luck getting it sorted out :smile: Also I suggest you pay with paypal so you can at least file a claim if your order does not turn up.

As for a UK supplier I think that giantshark.co.uk are alright I think (they sell gensace lipos which are quite good). Anyone else have a favourite UK Lipo supplier?

i bit the bullet and ordered from HobbyKing’s UK warehouse. I had then battery and charge next day!

Now I just need to figure out how and where to charge them.

I have used HK a few times, I always use the UK warehouse. I got 6 x zippy 3s4Ah lipos for less than £15 each! a HK 300w charger and a HK 540w power supply… All arrived within 2 days, all work very well indeed.

Just ordered 12 x 2s5Ah hardcase Lipo for the HPI Trophy Flux truggy, bit miffed they cost me more than the 3s4Ah ones but at £15-50 each still not a bad price - especially compared to the official HPI 2s5.3Ah hardcase at £71.50 each!!!

The 3s ones I use in the multicopters are all perfectly balanced every time I check them and they perform very well in the copters so no reason to complain here yet…

I don’y use Hobbyking battery. however, I think tattu and Ovonic are good. for these 2 brand, tattu,is more expensive than Ovonic. But both them are in high quality.