Charge 2 lipo at the sametime / Lipo recommendation

Hey all,
Would you guys tell me if I able to connect two lipos to this charger?

There is a 2s and 3s lipo charging slot so does that mean I can charge two batteries at the same time?

That charger can only charge one at a time. But the skyrc d100 can do two at a time.

This question is not relate to charge but can I ask what 3s lipo battery capacity should I use for hexacopter (DJI F550)?
Thanks for quick answers :smiley:

I used a 6000mAh 4S for my F550 equivalent hexacopter. Is 3S going to be enough for all those motors?

Not sure, I’ thinking of using Brushless Motor Emax MT2213 935Kv and 20a escs
What motor you use and how long is your flight time?

Any suggestions for motors? emax mt2213 are running out. (DJI f550 frame)

I’m also using the Emax MT2213 935Kv motors, but with 35A ESC (yes overkill I know). Flight time at the moment - 9 minutes, but there’s a lot of kit on it. In terms of replacement, I’ll probably be looking at these: MT 3510 600Kv Multicopter Motor - Unmanned Tech UK FPV Shop if I can’t get the MT2213’s any more.