Lipo 4s or Lipo 3s battery

Hello DroneTrest community,

I need your kind recommendation, if it is possible:

I’m using DJI motors 960KV with Dshot 32 bit ESC. Propellers: 9045. My drone weight without battery 1.350 kg.

Do you recommend me to use a lipo 4s 5400 mAh ( 30C) or lipo 3s 5400 mAh (30C).

I’m asking because i red but was not convinced that a 4S lipo battery works better on small propellers and won’t be able to lift such weight. A 3S battery will be more suitable for such motors and Propellers. However i’m not convinced especially that DJI recommends the use of 4S lipo on 9045 propellers stating that such configuration will give you a 200 g thrust per axes.

You help is much appreciated and thanks in advance