Funfly cheap 4s cheap batteries

Have you guys tried the tattoo funfly 4s 1300/1500 100c batteries?? they seem to be very cheap for what they offer, compared with other brands, and even other tattoos.
I bought 3 of them 1500mah, I think they work ok. they last around 3 minutes I’m my quad when freestyling. couple of them dented easily to the corners but that might be normal after crashes or hard landing.
I don’t know guys… what are your thoughts??

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Yeah and also available from

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Yeah they are probably the best in terms of value for money but I do think gensace are exaggerating slightly about the 100C rating, the funfly batteries are closer to 75c in my opinion. As the do have some voltage sag under load. But either way they are great value for money even if they are sold as 75C packs.

Also thanks @DoomedFPV for linking our shop too (plus our batteries are slightly cheaper than quadcopters :wink:)

Hi Yagormeister. Yep I’ve bought some of these Funfly series and on first flight they were pretty good. Time will tell how they survive, but fingers crossed.

yeah. as far as í bueen king them… they are ok. better performance than the previous eachine 1500mah 75c I had. but they’ve got great sag. I don’t know if this is normal for all batteries, but from a fresh charged battery I get 13 volts during a full throttle kick. then it settles at normal voltage, is that normal???

It’s normal for just about all lipos to sag… but I do agree that the funfly ones do have sag… but for the price I think they are great.

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Had about 10 flights from the 1550 versions - found them to be good, I think they are more of a 70c than the 100c - they are great value for money.

Yep, I agree with you Kev - they’re not up to the Raceline batteries, but as a general flying battery they’re pretty good and as you say - good vfm.
However I’ve just had the 2000Mah 120C 4S battery arrive. I’ll report back on this forum how I get on :slight_smile:

Still going strong… as new almost - with alot of bashes!

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I’m still finding mine good, but they’re now showing a big gap compared with the R-Line. The Funfly don’t seem to be able to discharge anywhere near as quick now. I’d put them at around 50C as opposed to the claimed 100C (that’s what it feels like). If you fly them aggressively now, you get low battery warnings and very very short flight times. As a result, I’m tending to use them on those cruising flights.
Still a good battery though. :slight_smile:

yes, they are great, you can also find their official online shop, genstattu

I really appreciate tattu lipo and also like another brand ovonic , I got a 14.8 v lipo battery 3months ago , and it still perform well as my tattu lipo

Tattu is one of the best battery I use for my FPV, especially its’ r line