The Second Flight and Impression of Ovonic Lipo Battery

It would great if you could write a bit about the Battery.
I would be interested in the Internal Resitance of each Cell, The Voltage Difference of the Cells after a good flight and all this stuff… :slight_smile:
Only a Video is abit lazy…

see some reviews: This battery really packs a punch!!! In the beginning of your pack your OSD will read 7.1 V! a true High Discharge Pack that really gets you moving! 508 g with battery, the battery is 195g. Through a heavy throttle flight I was able to get a 3:35 second flight landing at 14.8 v! The most important thing to me in a battery is the same ammount of power in the end of the battery as you get on the front end of the battery. I am a fan of the Ovonic 1550 and will continue to buy them when needed!! I will update and let you know when the battery has worn out!