3dr iris+ low current from battery - how to calibrate current and voltage sensor

Hi guys I need some help ! Just bought my first drone the iris+ gone through all the set up procedures but showing a fault in pre flight check on the battery current. I have charged the battery till green light comes on charger when I plug it in to iris+ it is giving me 12.4volts and 99% capacity but im only getting 0.4amp can anybody advise me as im looking forward to my first flight. Thanks guys


Sorry to hear about the problem with your IRIS+, and welcome to the drone hobby :smile: Have you done any firmware updates on your IRIS+ quadcopter? As that would be my first suggestion and then load the default IRIS+ parameters from the PC onto it after the firmware update.

But that error by the sounds of it its possible that the voltage and current sensor on your IRIS+ needs to be calibrated again as a fully charged 3s lipo :battery: should be 12.6V. Do you have a multimeter/ battery monitor on hand that you can use to measure your battery voltage? You will also need to get a power analysier (can be found cheaply on ebay) to calibrate your current sensor. But below is a great video showing how to do this calibration if you find that loading the default IRIS+ parameters does not solve the problem.

Hope that helps :slight_smile: