IRIS+ Parameter File

Is there a default parameter file that you can send me for the new Iris+ and clear instructions on how to use it to write the details back to the Drone?


The latest IRIS+ parameters are included with the latest mission planner software so its best to load them directly. I attached a screenshot showing how to load the parameter files for the IRIS

1 - The first step is to connect to your IRIS+
2 - Go to the Config/Tuning tab
3 - Go to the full parameter list

4 - On the right you will see a dropdown box with various APM vehicles, select the 3DR IRIS+ parameter
5 - Click on the load button to load the parameter fie, a new window will popup showing the parameters that will be updated, click on continue. Also make sure that all the parameter files are checked.

5 - Now to save these parameters to your IRIS+ click on the write button.

Hope that helps.

Good evening,
I am with my iris 3dr, but for some time now the battery voltage and consumption in the RC MAH not shown, both values are in 0.0. Any idea how to fix this?

Have you tried to upgrade to the latest firmware and load the default IRIS+ parameters onto your pixhawk? As it could just be a matter of a bad configuration causing the issue.