A quick guide to the IRIS+ lights

For those among you who have the IRIS+, or those interested in purchasing one, and are not completely sure what all the different light sequences mean, this small guide will shed light where there was once darkness.

The Safety Button

The first light sequence to explain is the safety button that is placed on top of IRIS at the back.
When the safety button is a solid red, it signifies that the motors are active, and that they must be deactivated before handling IRIS.

When this button is blinking, the motors have successfully been deactivated and the copter is safe to handle.

The LED Light
The LED light is also placed at the rear of the copter, and this is the light that sends the user several important messages.

When it is blinking red and blue, then the copter is initializing, please wait.

When it is blinking blue, IRIS+ is acquiring a GPS signal, please wait.

When the LED light is blinking green, the GPS signal has been locked and the autopilot is ready.

When the light follows this sequence, an error has occurred, disconnect battery and restart preflight procedure. You can see a troubleshooting guide at 3dr.com/iris/info

This sequence indicates a loss of radio control signal. Always use the controller as a primary or backup control system when flying. Ensure that the controller is turned on any time IRIS+ is powered. If contact with the controller is lost during flight, IRIS+ will land and display a blinking yellow LED. If IRIS+ is more than 2 meters (6.5 feet) from the launch point, it will return to launch (RTL) before landing.

This sequence of lights indicate that there has been a loss of GPS signal. IRIS+ requires an active GPS signal before takeoff. If IRIS+ loses GPS signal in flight, it will trigger a GPS failsafe, indicated by a blinking blue and yellow LED with a high-high-high-low tone, and automatically switch to manual control (standard - altitude hold mode). You therefore always have to be prepared to take manual control over your IRIS+ at any time.

When the battery reaches 25% of its remaining charge, IRIS+ will land and display a blinking yellow LED with a quick repeating tone. If IRIS+ reaches the low battery limit during a mission, it will return to the launch point before landing.

And there we have it; a quick simple guide to the lights on the new IRIS+. Hope it helps.