Iris LED Flashing yellow/green

I cannot find anything in the manual to cover this, any idea why I have flashing yellow/ green?

The green is correct, I am indoors so armed with no GPS lock makes perfect sense.

But it is flashing yellow/ green and yellow should be fault condition.

Prior to noticing this I got a flashing yellow and system would not arm, I disconnected battery and re-connected with same result,wondering if battery was maybe low (which it wasn’t) I swapped battery and now get the flashing yellow/green and the system will arm. It is same now with original battery.

The yellow flash only happens after arming, pre arm it settles on flashing blue as it should.

Any ideas?

Oh, good idea to not leave the manual on the floor while arming, prop ripped the first two pages ::slight_smile:

The yellow LED means that it is failing the pre-arm safety checks. Please make sure that your radio is turned on and in stabilise mode. The yellow LED just means that the copter is not ready to arm. For example if you have set-up the geofence feature, it will not let you arm until there is a GPS lock so it will not work indoors.

If you are still having problems the video below will go through some of the Pre Arm checks. I suggest you connect up the telemetry module with your PC and connect via the mission planner, you should then get some information about what is causing the fault in terms of the pre arm safety checks.

If you are only getting a yellow flash after you have armed, then it could have something to do with the GPS/radio/battery fail-safe being activated.

And sorry to hear about your manual :wink:

Well now nothing works…

Power up radio…
Load up droidplanner on tab and plug in telemetry
Power up IRIS…
Plays power on jingle…
flashing blue/red…
Settles on flashing blue as before…
Press safety button…
Noise and props snap…
IRIS will not arm from RC or from Droidplanner, when try to arm from DP flashes blue/red fast for a few secs then goes back to slow blue flash.

Any idea where to go from here?


If I go to radio calibration in MP the only thing that moves is the roll display, and that moves with left stick left/right which I think should be pitch. the other three axis on the RC do nothing at all on screen?

Found the last problem, figured it must be something in the TX setup but having not changed anything I was struggling to think how… After noticing cat pawing at the remote when I woke up I think I know how the change happened as I did leave the TX unattended powered up earlier…

Anyway, PPM First Channel was set to 4 so that is fixed now.

As for original problem, I think the answer to that may well be a visit to specsavers to have my eyes tested, its flashing yellow/blue not yellow green - quite where I got yellow green from I have absolutely no idea at all!

That indicates GPS failsafe enabled, which of course it is because it is the only failsafe which is enabled by default, so its not a problem… Also, given that it is on by default the thing must have ALWAYS flashed blue/yellow.

I think it can all be summed up as “I am a muppet”

On the plus side it has been raining all day so I would not have been able to go out and fly the thing even if I had figured it out earlier, and in my defence there is no reference to blue/yellow flashing in the manual supplied with it :smiley:

Thanks for your replies and happy to hear that you figured most of the stuff out! :thumbsup: If you run into any other problems or have any questions please let me know!

I know that the LED is not the easiest thing to see sometimes, but thats why I prefer to look at the mission planner, or use the android app to see whats going on!

Looking forward to hearing how well your first flight went! :helicopter: