Arducopter IRIS video guides

This topic includes all off the video guides for your IRIS quadcopter. The below are all of the videos you should watch if the IRIS is your first quadcopter. Otherwise you can skip to the next post which will cover more advanced things like uploading new firmware etc…

IRIS Unboxing and Setup Guide

This video covers all the parts that are included with the IRIS quadcopter kit, and also shows you how to attach your propellers.

Charging your IRIS battery

This video will show you how to connect and charge your IRIS battery.

IRIS flight modes

Although IRIS has many flight modes, this video covers the 3 most important ones, these are Stabilise, Loiter and Return to launch modes.

Pre-Flight Checklist

This video is fairly important to watch as it covers a couple of things you should check before each flight.

Safe Flying Tips

This video covers some important safety tips that will make you a safer pilot and also mean you are less likely to crash if you follow the instructions in this video.

This section inludes some general videos of flying your IRIS, and using some more of the advanced flight features like autonomous mission planning.

Your First Flight

This video will walk you through your first flight and has some useful tips you should follow on your first flight.

IRIS Mission Planning

This video covers some basic tips on your first autonomous mission using the Droidplanner 2 android app.

This section will cover some more advanced topics of your IRIS quadcopter, thinks like updating the firmware, re-calibrating ESC.

Updating the IRIS firmware

This video will show you how to update your IRIS firmware, its recommended that you keep the firmware up to date as new versions usually improve performance and fix bugs, as well as introduce new features.

Calibrating the IRIS Accelerometer

This video shows you how to recalibrate your accelerometer on your IRIS, this is needed if you dinf that IRIS drifts, or does not keep level, you can improve the performance by recalibrating your accelerometer

Re-Calibrating your IRIS ESC

If you find that your IRIS motors are not starting at the same time, or that some are spinning faster than others when it is level, or the throttle range is very small, you might need to re-calibrate your ESC.

Re-calibrating the Compass

If you notice that your IRIS circles when in loiter (position hold) mode you might need to re-calibrate your compass, this video will show you how to do that.