New build/configuration/guide Long Range

Welcome all,

This is the start of a new build, but a build of what?

Video Playlist links (So they don’t get lost in the Build Log)
Youtube Playlist
Long Range Build - Into
Long Range Build - Frame
Long Range Build - FC
Long Range Build - Update
Long Range Build - Wiring Complete
More to follow

This week I start work on a build/configuration guide.
This guide will consist of a build and configuration blog and youtube videos taking you from the very start to the first flight and everything in between.

All the parts have come from unmannedtechshop and there will be enough information for anyone to follow and build there own or to learn something new and build there own.

I’ll post regular updates and pictures here so everyone can follow the progress.

For the keen of eye… What’s missing from the picture.


Build Name - Black Serenity

It will be a 6" Props on a 7" frame running a GPS (Reason why will be added)

Full Parts list to follow

The Parts List

I’ve just finished recording the first intro video.
Now to edit it and post it on youtube.
I’ll edit in a link below when its posted.

The Long Range Intro video is encoding now for yourtube.

Only started it at 10am (its now 2pm)
This could take a while to finish.

This video took nearly 12hrs to finish encoding… feel sorry for my CPU

Up next…
Frame building and looking at the placement of the ESCs

Did some work on the Frame video and its ready for encoding…
This one is only 6 minutes longs so its not going to take all day to encode

Plus I’ve got some protype mounts ready for printing… Looking at about 3hrs 30min in TPU

Look what came in the post today from unmannedtech :slight_smile:

The Airbot Fireworks v2.
Smaller than I thought soldering is going to be tricky.

I now have every part needed to complete this build.
Its going to take me nearly 2 weeks with all the pictures/guides and videos.

Evening all…

The first two videos are now online

  1. Long Range Build Intro
  2. The Frame

I’ve just finished fitting the Motors and ESCs and started the soldering work.
and just to show that soldering does get better with time and pratice.
Below is a picture of my first quad (it still flys) and todays work.

Did some more work tonight…

Motors to ESCs - Soldered up
ESCs wires - POS, Neg, Signal, Telemetery and Ground wires all done.
I was going to finish the job and attach them to the FC ready for the next video but the clear heat shrink I’ve got is too big. :frowning:

So I’ve ordered some smaller stuff.
Guess I’ll edit video number 3 - FC

Finished editing LR Build - FC video last night at nearly 1am.

Its encoding now… for the next 12hrs ish
Its was only meant to be a short video but as usual I got carried away and its nearly 15 minutes long.

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Finally a Build Log that is useful :heart_eyes:

Here it is…

The third video for the Long Range Build Playlist

Long Range Build - FC


So the smaller heat shrink arrived today for the ESCs.
So I’ve heat shrinked the ESCs, used double sided sticky tape onto the arms and then…
heat shrinked them to the arms. Nice too look at but will be a real pain to work on later on.

Next up is a new video.
Covering the work I’ve just done, continuity checks, smoke stopper and what I’ve learnt and a quick test in BF.


where did you get the heatshrink?

Just on ebay.
Pre-Shrink 19.1mm - Shrunk 9.5mm

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Looking good :slight_smile: And I do like the look of mounting ESC on the arms like that but also agree with you about it being a pain if you need to repair something. I always find it funny comparing a quad just after you built it, to the same one a few months later after about 100 quick fixes! But being a long range quad, hopefully it will have fewer crashes… unless someone decides to fly behind a hill :mountain: :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Well the weekend is nealy over.
Recorded a video ready for editing…
Got every thing mounted and put together.

Next week I will be mostly covering the configuration of the build.
Working on the build guide and more videos.

May do a maiden flight towards the end of the week.

But for now here’s a preview shot of the build.

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Just been having a look at the flight controller and how I’ve got it installed and it looks like I have it the wrong way round…

But that’s not a problem, I can use resource remap to move the motor pins.
I did this on purpose so that I could cover remapping motor pins and adjusting the FC origination in Betaflight. :wink:

In the image below:
Red is where the motors are on the FC
Black is where I need them to be.


No flying for me today…

Just taking photos of the new build before the first flight later on in the week and then video editing tonight.

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Thats a strange fruit on that tree… :thinking:
Do you know were i can get seeds for that? :smile:

The seeds needed for this fruit are listed above.

for a shortcut click here

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