[Sold] F450 Built Drone (ARTF) with Transmitter, Groundstation, and Spares

For sale, is my F450 frame drone. No longer get any free time to get this going and in the air.

All parts in immaculate condition. Never flown. All components have been connected and soldered where needed. FC has been programmed with LibrePilot and reports no issues with hardware. You will need to program the FC to your requirements using LibrePilot (or other configurator), therefore i am advertising this as Almost Ready To Fly.

Comes complete with the following:
FC - OpenPilot Revolution
Motor - Racerstar 2216 810kv Brushless Motors
ESC - Racerstar Tattoo 30A BLheli_32 ESC’s
Frame - Diatone F450 Quad V3 (with reinforced motor mount-arm)
PDB - RealAcc RPDB (5v/9v/12v BEC) 4x50A max
Batt - Turnigy 5000mAh 4S 25C Lipo (125A Constant) NOT SUPPLIED IF POSTING
RX - Flysky X6B (with batt telemetry wired in)
GPS - Ublox 7M GPS (inc mag)
Props - GemFan 1038 Carbon Nylon
Transmitter - FlySky i6X

Additional parts added:
LEDS - FC Status, and Directional Green/Red LED strips
3D Parts - FC Case, Top Cover, Landing Legs, Battery holder, and GoPro mount.
Telem - OpLink for Librepilot groundstation

8x Props
2x Racerstar Tattoo 30A BLheli_32 ESC
1x Openpilot Revolution FC (flashed with betaflight for BLHeliSuite passthrough ESC programming)
1x Revolution FC original housing

The Groundstation is a lightweight Asus Windows 10 Tablet which is pre-installed with LibrePilot, Betaflight, Cleanflight, iNav, and BLHeliSuite32. THe tablet can be used in conjunction with the oplink mini to show live FC telemetry and programming on-the-fly if used with LibrePilot, and can be used to plot a GPS flight path (an internet connection will be required for maps access).

Total weight including the battery will be around 1016g (not including any additional payload such as camera), I chose the Motors and Props based on providing 832g thrust each motor. This should give a total lifting capacity of 3.3kg at full throttle. Based on calculations, it should only need around 31% throttle to take-off/hover, leaving plenty left to add a camera. Flight time should be roughly 20 mins, or 15 mins using the 80% rule using the 4S 5000mah battery.

Receiver is connected using PPM. PDB can provide 5v ,9v, and 12v, which can allow you to add additional equipment such as an FPV cam.
Drone is fitted with a FlySky X6B receiver and wired for battery telemetry which is shown on the FlySky i6X Transmitter Display (shows receiver voltage power and direct lipo power)

Batteries will not be included due to postal carrier restrictions. If you are local (Durham, UK), i will include the 2 Turnigy Lipo’s if you are willing to collect.

All of the above has cost me more than the asking price below.
Looking for £200, plus postage of £15.
If you are collecting and would like the Lipos including, £230.

Full details in the following link: New build GoPro/Photog Drone

GoPro shown in pic not included